Chromatic Anthem is a showcase for the music photography of Jacob Drabik. It exists to promote live music in Cincinnati and the surrounding tri-state region. Jacob is a designer and photographer living and working in Cincinnati, OH.


Gaslight Anthem and The Sidekicks at Bogart’s

Gaslight Anthem = Passionate and dedicated—as were their fans. I was amazed by the level of commitment many people in the audience showed for this band. At one point, I found myself standing between a man who drove down from Indianapolis for the evening and planned to drive back as soon as the show was over (I had to point him to the closest place to fill up on caffeine), and a couple who had taken off several days of work to make the trek from Chicago and decided to spend a few days in Cincy. All three were oozing with enthusiasm…and these weren’t whacked-out college kids that were up for anything, these were deliberate and calculating thirty-somethings that planned the trips out way in advance. I can’t remember the last time I drove hours by myself to see a band I loved.

Oh, wait. I can. It was when I was almost a decade ago. Damn.