Chromatic Anthem is a showcase for the music photography of Jacob Drabik. It exists to promote live music in Cincinnati and the surrounding tri-state region. Jacob is a designer and photographer living and working in Cincinnati, OH.


Flogging Molly at Bogart’s

Just before I was given the opportunity to shoot for, I submitted to to shoot one single show. It was for one of my favorite bands, at one of my favorite venues.

I found the contact info for Bogart’s, and wrote an impassioned plea to the management, describing my long history attending their venue, and how I’m a huge fan the band Flogging Molly, and never miss any of their shows. I gushed. I flattered. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea that I was doing it so very wrongly.

My wonderful contact responded with a simple: “OK. I’ll see what they say…” Knowing that wasn’t a good sign, I bought a ticket for the show.

I was never approved, but I had a wonderful night. That was January 27, 2013. I’ve covered many amazing performances in the fourteen months since Flogging Molly was in town last, but few have made me as happy as they have. Every single time. So few bands can play so passionately, for so many shows, for so many years.

I’d like to thank, Kelly Painter, Ian Bolender, and the rest of their amazing, hardworking crew for providing an outlet for me and so many other Cincinnati photographers to practice the work we love. Thanks guys.