Chromatic Anthem is a showcase for the music photography of Jacob Drabik. It exists to promote live music in Cincinnati and the surrounding tri-state region. Jacob is a designer and photographer living and working in Cincinnati, OH.


Har Mar Superstar at MOTR

Sean Hughes is a friend, a mentor, and both a talented teacher and artist. For as long as I’ve known Sean, he’s been a huge fan of Har Mar Superstar. Har Mar was not really on my radar, but I’ve been carrying this little fact around the the back of my head for nearly a decade now.

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, I was enjoying Cincinnati’s Bock Fest with several other photographers, writers, and staff members of We were having a wonderful time, but I was beat and decided to head home.

After making many excuses about being a exhausted, being a wimp, being a whatever, I made way out the door and headed to my car. Walking down Main Street in OTR, I noticed a familiar, very distinctively baby-poop colored car. Walking by MOTR, I noticed a flyer for tonight’s Har Mar Superstar. Why the hell didn’t I know this was happening?

I immediately got my second wind, and raced home for my gear. When I came back down, and fought my way through the crowd, there was Sean, his wife, and several of their friends whom I adore immensely.

I knew that Har Mar seemed a little eccentric, and I assumed it was very much a novelty act. I was a bit wrong. Har Mar is an incredibly talented musician and entertainer. Songs were rocking, and songs were soulful. The crowd was wild, and everyone was happy.

Sometimes Cincinnati feels like a little town, where you can just stumble upon wonderful friends, and a wonderful time.